PowerFactor Show

Episode 282 – How would you penalize the shooter for this IDPA stage?

Rick brought up an interesting conundrum in episode 276 as a Trivia question. In this episode he describes the situation and talks about the decision he made on how to properly penalize the shooter for making a procedural mistake. Do you agree with his interpretation of the rules?


Episode 211 – Tools for Working on Your Gun and Trivia!

Rick has been spending sometime working on his guns this holiday season and Santa was kind enough to drop by Brownells to get Rick some tools that he sorely needed to work on his M1 Garand.


Episode 209 – Taylor Freelance Sight Block Match Review & Trivia

In episode 186, Robin from Taylor Freelance showed us his new product called the Sight Block for the Glock pistol and Larry recently went out to a match with Robin to test it out. Here's some video we took at the match. We also have another USPSA trivia for you guys this week. Enjoy!