PowerFactor Show

Episode 205 – Barrel Awareness Deep Dive

Steve continues his Deep Dive series this time with a mind bending look at Barrel Awareness and how it can help or detract you from getting your hits.


Episode 203 – Ted Blocker Holster Review & Little Voices In Your Head

Rick does a quick review of the Ted Blocker holster which he just picked up during a recent trip to Oregon. Steve dives deep into your mind and discusses the pros and cons of those little voices in your head.


Episode 184 – Break Point, Look Point and Hold Point

Steve continues on his shotgun tutorial series by talking about the three major ready positions. He talks about the break point, look point and hold points. He'll also touch on foot positions and demonstrates how it all comes together with live fire.


Episode 170 – Ben Stoeger’s Book and DVD Review

Larry reviews Ben Stoeger's new Drills & Skills book, and talk about his new DVD, Training to Win. If you're a beginner or intermediate shooter trying to get ahead in the sport, these are two resources that should be in your training regimen.

Buy the book and DVD at http://www.benstoegerproshop.com



Episode 98 – Tracking Match Performance

Are you learning from watching yourself shoot? Do you keep tabs on how you're doing when you compete? Rick and Larry have been shooting for more than a decade and they discuss how they keep track of their individual performances in competition.

You can download the excel spreadsheets that Larry spoke of here : http://www.powerfactorshow.com/files/larryperftemplates.zip

If you don't have EXCEL or prefer to use this on Google Docs, you can get to the spreadsheet here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Am4pDqLltXKfdGgybTRFQ0lpZEFZd19oeEo1b2wtZHc

(Thanks to JohnM for converting it to Google Docs)