PowerFactor Show

Episode 267 – Shooting Chandelle Targets & Tweaking the SL900 Shot Bar

Steve is back with two awesome tips with regards to the shotgun sports. First he'll teach you how to shoot the deceivingly difficult "Chandelle" targets and then, demonstrate how to tweak your Dillon SL900 shot bar to reduce shot spillage.


Episode 253 – Is it a Shooting Position or Not? (IDPA Stage Discussion)

Rick is back after a hiatus to dive into an interesting stage at the recent Washington State IDPA Championships. It was a slightly controversial stage with lots of shooting options. There was also discussion around what the best way the stage should be shot. Watch as Rick walks us through them and do let us know what you think.


Episode 205 – Barrel Awareness Deep Dive

Steve continues his Deep Dive series this time with a mind bending look at Barrel Awareness and how it can help or detract you from getting your hits.


Episode 203 – Ted Blocker Holster Review & Little Voices In Your Head

Rick does a quick review of the Ted Blocker holster which he just picked up during a recent trip to Oregon. Steve dives deep into your mind and discusses the pros and cons of those little voices in your head.


Episode 197 – IDPA Cover Rules & Rick’s Bayonet

We've talked about IDPA Cover Rules a while ago and it turned out to be a fairly controversial topic. This week, Rick revisits this rule with his interpretation on the new rules that were published recently by IDPA.

Rick also shows off his Bayonet collection that has been one of the more interesting background items in all his garage episodes.