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Episode 267 – Shooting Chandelle Targets & Tweaking the SL900 Shot Bar

Steve is back with two awesome tips with regards to the shotgun sports. First he'll teach you how to shoot the deceivingly difficult "Chandelle" targets and then, demonstrate how to tweak your Dillon SL900 shot bar to reduce shot spillage.


Episode 239 – IDPA Rules – Appearing / Surprised Targets

Rick continues his IDPA Rules series by talking about how the rules affect Appearing or Surprise targets. Let us know what you think about the rules by posting on the comments section or on facebook.


Episode 147 – Handgun lubing, Shotgun fitting & Dryfire targets.

We're experimenting with a new format for the show. Instead of having one big 30-40min episode, we decided to split it up into multiple shorter segments. Please give us feedback if you prefer this format or not.

This week, Rick talks about how to correctly lube a handgun and shows off some cool dryfire targets from ShotMaster. Steve & John discuss the finer aspects of fitting a shotgun.





Episode 26 – USPSA Hit Factor & Scoring

Steve and Rick dives deep into calculating Hit Factors for USPSA.  How they're calculated, how to factor them into your scores and discuss the finer points of using it to your advantage. Rick also gives us one of his "A" Tips about shooting guns with magazine disconnectors.

Shownotes :

Tre Gumbas Stage



Episode 11 – Scoring Targets

Down 0, down 3, Two Alpha, Alpha Charlie. You hear these words being called out sometimes very quickly by safety or range officers during the end of a stage but do you really know if they are calling it correctly? Do you know how scoring is conducted in IDPA and USPSA? If there was one thing to double check in these games, it would be how your shots are scored. Steve and Rick talks about how scoring is done and talk about their experiences having done this for a long time.