PowerFactor Show

Episode 284 – Hodgdon Powder’s 70th Anniversary Interview

Next January marks Hodgdon Powder's 70th Anniversary service the shooting community by providing high quality, well loved smokeless powders for pistols, rifles and shotguns. We managed to get Chris Hodgdon to come on camera one more time to celebrate their anniversary and to also announce new powders, like the IMR Target, Red, Blue, Green, Unequal and the much sought after Hodgdon CFE BLK for the 300 AAC cartridge.


Episode 283 – Target Color

Have you wondered why clay targets are always orange? Did you know there were more colors than orange that you could shoot? Steve and Lin comes on the show this week to talk about the wide variety of clay target colors and how well they work.


Episode 264 – IDPA Target Scoring & 40S&W Open Load Testing

Rick is back with an episode to supplement Larry's USPSA scoring by discussing how IDPA Safety Officers score targets. It is similar in a lot of ways but differ very much in principle. Also, in this episode, Larry gives us an update on his 40S&W Open load development and demonstrates his compensator effectiveness test.


Episode 250 – Sporting Clays Target Setting

Steve has invited Dave and Lin to come on camera once again to focus on some interesting topics around the sport of Sporting Clays. We'll do a three part series discussing target setting, clay throwing machines and a new innovative timer box they built to enhance the game.