PowerFactor Show

Episode 282 – How would you penalize the shooter for this IDPA stage?

Rick brought up an interesting conundrum in episode 276 as a Trivia question. In this episode he describes the situation and talks about the decision he made on how to properly penalize the shooter for making a procedural mistake. Do you agree with his interpretation of the rules?


Episode 266 – Becoming an IDPA Safety Officer & Disassembing a 1911 Without Tools

Rick talks about the process of becoming an IDPA Safety Officer from the administrative point of view and demonstrates how one can disassemble a 1911 without using any tools.


Episode 91 – What is Cover?

There's still a lot of misunderstanding as to what cover really is in IDPA. After trying to explain it in wording, Rick and Larry decides to head to the range to demonstrate it visually.


Episode 76 – IDPA Safety Officer Training

Rick and Caleb have been shooting IDPA for a number of years, Rick is one of the rare individuals that have the privilege of providing official instruction to new Safety Officers. This week they talk about the process and motivations behind wanting to become an IDPA Safety Officer (or SO).