PowerFactor Show

Episode 282 – How would you penalize the shooter for this IDPA stage?

Rick brought up an interesting conundrum in episode 276 as a Trivia question. In this episode he describes the situation and talks about the decision he made on how to properly penalize the shooter for making a procedural mistake. Do you agree with his interpretation of the rules?


Episode 253 – Is it a Shooting Position or Not? (IDPA Stage Discussion)

Rick is back after a hiatus to dive into an interesting stage at the recent Washington State IDPA Championships. It was a slightly controversial stage with lots of shooting options. There was also discussion around what the best way the stage should be shot. Watch as Rick walks us through them and do let us know what you think.


Episode 239 – IDPA Rules – Appearing / Surprised Targets

Rick continues his IDPA Rules series by talking about how the rules affect Appearing or Surprise targets. Let us know what you think about the rules by posting on the comments section or on facebook.


Episode 236 – The Different Multigun Rules

Doug tackles a viewer question this week about the differences between the multigun/3gun disciplines. He talks about the similar considerations like safety and differences like scoring and equipment handling.




Episode 233 – New 2015 IDPA Backup Gun (BUG) Division Rules

In the continuing IDPA rules series, Rick goes over the new IDPA BUG Division rules with Doug. Rick describes what is a legal BUG gun and shows Doug which guns are legal and which are not.