PowerFactor Show

Episode 175 – 2014 USPSA Multigun Nationals Match Review

Doug is back from a long trip to the Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club in Las Vegas, NV for the 2014 USPSA Remington Defense/ USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. Doug shot the match and worked as a Range Officer. In this week's episode, Doug reviews his performance at this illustrious match.


Episode 148 – 3-gun Rifle Scopes

Doug takes the helm at the ranch and talks Scopes. We get a lot of questions asked about the kinds of scopes that are typically used in 3-gun competition and which are the best / affordable. Doug shows off four options from cheapest to most expensive.


Episode 143 – Introducing Doug Hartley (3Gun)

After getting a ton of emails from our viewers to cover 3-gun or Multigun content, we've managed to get a local 3-gun expert to come on the show. Doug Hartley has spent many years focusing on 3-gun and makes a great addition to our crew of hosts. In this first episode in a series of 3-gun content, Doug talks about his background and give a quick overview of what a 3-gun match looks like.


Episode 112 – Being a Lefty

Rick is a lefty as most of you would have known already. That together with decades of competition shooting experience, gives him a unique perspective to discuss the considerations and limitations of being a left-handed individual in a sport that's primarily dominated by right-handedness.


Episode 49 – Obscure Guns

Rick, Steve and Caleb geeked out this week by not talking about competition shooting, but about other types of firearms that they'd like to shoot. We know you viewers have your own collection of obscure guns too, so please send us an email and show us what are your obscure guns that you like to shoot.