PowerFactor Show

Episode 286 – Dickinson Shotgun Review

As Steve and John are big shotgun fans, they were asked if they would give the Dickinson Shotguns a try and to their surprise, they were impressed with the quality, reliability and shoot-ability of the gun, especially when it's priced so competitively. Take a look.



Episode 281 – 2016 Washington State IDPA Championships Match Review

This was another fabulous year for IDPA in Washington State, with the leadership of Rick and the DownZero crew, they pulled off another state championships. Listen to Rick talk about the background, experiences and collaboration they went through to get this done. The match was held across two days and thirteen stages which Rick will walk you through.


Episode 277 – Atlas AT-300 Trap Review

After spending two months with the Atlas AT-300 Trap machine, Steve and Dave has great things to say about this little known trap machine.


Episode 270 – Indoor GSSF Match Review

During the winter off-season period, Larry typically participates in the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation matches or more commonly called GSSF. There are two types of GSSF matches, outdoor and indoor. This week, Larry talks about his experience shooting in an Indoor GSSF match and came away with plaque.


Episode 268 – Interview with Chris Hodgdon 2016

We do this every year. We invite Chris Hodgdon from the Hodgdon powder company to give our fans an update about the state of handloading powders. Chris is kind enough to talk about some new products that will ship next year and give us some background info about how Clays is coming back on the market.