PowerFactor Show

Episode 220 – Shooting Glasses Review – Rudy, Randolph and Pilla

Steve, John and a new guest, Albert come on camera to put the final word on our series of shooting glasses. We've covered many varied topics from types of frames, brands, corrective lenses in the past and now they'll review three different brands of shooting glasses that they prefer.


Episode 202 – Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Review – Larry’s Carry Gear

Larry has been a big fan of Glocks both for competition and for concealed carry. With the release of the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield without the manual safety, he's decided to get one and give it a try. Here's Larry's indepth review of the M&P Shield.


Episode 161 – Prescription Glasses & Stage Design Reviews

Doug comes on camera and talks about shooting with prescription glasses. Rick continues to dive into more stage designs that were sent in by a viewer.