PowerFactor Show

Episode 285 – Walther CCP and PPS Review

Rick is an avid fan of 1911s, all steel American firearms. He is also a fan of German firearms especially those from Walther. When he was asked to review two new Walther pistols for practical pistol, he didn't hesitate. This episode, Rick reviews the Walther CCP and PPS pistols, give you his thoughts about concealability, shootability and reliability of these guns.


Episode 232 – Modifications to a 45 Super Pistol & Davis Leather Belt Review

Rick flies solo again this week to respond to a viewer question about the modifications that he's done to his 45 super pistol. Rick also shows off his new Davis Leather Belt that he recently acquired.


Episode 229 – Rick’s IDPA Compact Carry Pistol IDPA Gamer Gun

Shiny is the word I'd use to describe Rick's new gamer gun. When the new IDPA Compact Cary Pistol division rules finally got published, Rick started looking around for the gun that is best suited for this division. Looks like he found one that not only fits this division perfectly, it looks the part too.


Episode 175 – 2014 USPSA Multigun Nationals Match Review

Doug is back from a long trip to the Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club in Las Vegas, NV for the 2014 USPSA Remington Defense/ USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. Doug shot the match and worked as a Range Officer. In this week's episode, Doug reviews his performance at this illustrious match.


Episode 179 – Webley RIC No1 Update & Erratic Swing Movements

Rick provides an update on his Webley RIC No.1 restoration project, while Steve discusses another topic in the book "Break 'em All" this time focusing on Erratic Swing Movements.

You can find this book here for $29.95+shipping : http://deadtargetschool.com/book.html