PowerFactor Show

Episode 232 – Modifications to a 45 Super Pistol & Davis Leather Belt Review

Rick flies solo again this week to respond to a viewer question about the modifications that he's done to his 45 super pistol. Rick also shows off his new Davis Leather Belt that he recently acquired.


Episode 210 – Springfield Range Officer 1911 Modifications & Gunsmithing

Rick gives us a look at the modifications he's done with his new Springfield Range Officer 1911 and talks about home gunsmithing, it's benefits and concerns.


Episode 135 – Reloading on the Dillon SL900 – An Update

Steve is back with an update. His first experience with the Dillon SL900 was disappointing because of unreliability issues. After working with the Dillon folk and implementing some modifications on his own, Steve finally manages to get his SL900 to operate perfectly.


Episode 50 – Gunsmithing with JPL : Checkering

This week, we start a small segment focusing on what most competitive shooters end up learning, gunsmithing. Although some might adopt this career path, most are just happy with know enough to maintain and improve their competition guns.

We've asked John from jplprecision.com to come back and show us how things are done in his shop. In this week's case, all about checkering the front strap of a 1911 frame.

If there's something you want to see John cover, please send us an email at powerfactorshow@gmail.com.


Episode 47 – Polymer Guns

Rick really doesn't want to be in this weeks episode but Caleb managed to bribe him to sit down and chat about plastic fantastic. The most popular type of firearm for tactical, competitive and self defense use.