PowerFactor Show

Episode 241 – Shooting Slumps

Steve is a veteran to the sport of shooting across multiple disciplines and makes the best candidate to talk about the topic of shooting slumps. There comes a time in a competitive shooters career (or experience) that they'll find their performance waning for a certain period of time OR when they lose interest in the sport. Steve talks about his experience and how you might overcome it.


Episode 193 – Goal Setting

Steve dives into the topic of Goal Setting. He discusses the four main categories, Practice Goals, Competition Goals, Short-term goals and Long-term goals.


Episode 189 – Not Focusing on the Target

Steve reviews another chapter in the book Break 'Em All, this time talking about Not Focusing on the Target and how one should make an effort to focus on a specific point on the target.


Episode 150 – Partial Targets, Visualization & Toys for Tots 3-gun Match Review

This week, Rick talks about engaging partial targets, Steve dives again into the mental aspects of shooting with regards to visualizing stages, and Doug shows us how he plays the 3-gun game.


Episode 149 – Mount Drill, Airsoft Dryfire and the Subconscious

This week, Rick and Steve discuss three topics for improving your shooting capabilities. Steve leads by showing you a very useful shotgun mount drill by using a flashlight, Rick talks about using Airsoft as a dryfire practice tool and Steve goes all sensei on us by discussing the mental discipline required to excel at shooting practical pistol - the subconscious.