PowerFactor Show

Episode 86 : Bomar-style Rear Sight Installation

John the master gunsmith of jplprecision.com takes the camera solo again while the usual hosts take a break. This time, he guides us through the intricate process of measuring, cutting and fitting a Bomar-style Dawson Adjustable rear sight on a Kimber 1911 Custom TLE/RL II. As you will see from the video, it is not as simple as taking a file to the slide and sight.


Episode 54 – Gunsmithing with JPL (1911 Disassembly/Assembly)

Happy New Year everyone!

This episode, we watch as John from JPL Precision (http://www.jplprecision.com) walk us through the dis-assembly and reassembly of a 1911 pistol. John also shows us what to look for when inspecting a 1911 for wear and tear. He gives us inside industry knowledge that will be very useful for any 1911 owner.