PowerFactor Show

Episode 284 – Hodgdon Powder’s 70th Anniversary Interview

Next January marks Hodgdon Powder's 70th Anniversary service the shooting community by providing high quality, well loved smokeless powders for pistols, rifles and shotguns. We managed to get Chris Hodgdon to come on camera one more time to celebrate their anniversary and to also announce new powders, like the IMR Target, Red, Blue, Green, Unequal and the much sought after Hodgdon CFE BLK for the 300 AAC cartridge.


Episode 79 : Interview with Chris Hodgdon

This week, Rick and Steve sit down in front of a computer and with the magic of Microsoft's Skype, talk to Chris Hodgdon of Hodgdon Powders. They talk about the fascinating company's history, reloading, (or like Rick would say, handloading), and generally shoot the breeze.


Hodgdon Reloading Center : http://data.hodgdon.com