PowerFactor Show

Episode 86 : Bomar-style Rear Sight Installation

John the master gunsmith of jplprecision.com takes the camera solo again while the usual hosts take a break. This time, he guides us through the intricate process of measuring, cutting and fitting a Bomar-style Dawson Adjustable rear sight on a Kimber 1911 Custom TLE/RL II. As you will see from the video, it is not as simple as taking a file to the slide and sight.


Episode 56 – Gunsmithing with JPL : Detail Strip Open gun

This week's episode is a short one and the conclusion to the previous episode we had where John from www.jplprecision.com was showing us how he's detail strip a 1911 and inspect the gun. Here, John shows us how to properly disassemble a STI variant USPSA Open Division gun in 9mm major.


Episode 54 – Gunsmithing with JPL (1911 Disassembly/Assembly)

Happy New Year everyone!

This episode, we watch as John from JPL Precision (http://www.jplprecision.com) walk us through the dis-assembly and reassembly of a 1911 pistol. John also shows us what to look for when inspecting a 1911 for wear and tear. He gives us inside industry knowledge that will be very useful for any 1911 owner.


Episode 50 – Gunsmithing with JPL : Checkering

This week, we start a small segment focusing on what most competitive shooters end up learning, gunsmithing. Although some might adopt this career path, most are just happy with know enough to maintain and improve their competition guns.

We've asked John from jplprecision.com to come back and show us how things are done in his shop. In this week's case, all about checkering the front strap of a 1911 frame.

If there's something you want to see John cover, please send us an email at powerfactorshow@gmail.com.


Episode 18 – Gun Selection : Open

The quintessential division of the modern pistol competition arena. Open guns are typically called Race Guns because of the few restrictions that are enforced to allow a shooter to maximize accuracy, rounds available and raw speed. Steve and Rick talk to a local Northwest Master Gunsmith, John Larson about the Formula-1 of pistol shooting.

Show notes: