PowerFactor Show

Episode 214 – Rick’s M1 Garand & Quick Review of the Blaser F3 Supersport Shotgun

Rick gives us a quick update on how his M1 Garand is coming along.

SteveĀ and John are back to review John's new Blaser F3 Supersport shotgun that he aquired recently. He also talks about how the firing pin is puncturing the primers on his ammo and how he fixed it.


Episode 211 – Tools for Working on Your Gun and Trivia!

Rick has been spending sometime working on his guns this holiday season and Santa was kind enough to drop by Brownells to get Rick some tools that he sorely needed to work on his M1 Garand.


Episode 210 – Springfield Range Officer 1911 Modifications & Gunsmithing

Rick gives us a look at the modifications he's done with his new Springfield Range Officer 1911 and talks about home gunsmithing, it's benefits and concerns.


Episode 174 – Tips from the book “Break ’em All”

Steve is back and as promised, he's going to share some great tip for Shotgun shooting from the books he read while he was recovering from his back problems. This week, he talks about some of the core tips that is discussed in the book "Break 'em All" by McDaniel & Taylor.

You can find this book in Amazon here : http://www.amazon.com/Break-All-Complete-Shooting-Problems/dp/0967331412


Episode 160 – Seated Start and Stage Reviews

Larry continues with his Start Positions segments with a discussion on Seated Starts. Rick reviews a viewer submitted stage design called ATM Ambush. We also answer an old trivia question that we didn't get to a few weeks ago, and ask a new one.