PowerFactor Show

Episode 220 – Shooting Glasses Review – Rudy, Randolph and Pilla

Steve, John and a new guest, Albert come on camera to put the final word on our series of shooting glasses. We've covered many varied topics from types of frames, brands, corrective lenses in the past and now they'll review three different brands of shooting glasses that they prefer.


Episode 212 – Prescription Shooting Glasses – Rudy Project Rydons

Larry recently had to start wearing prescription glasses and was on a search for the best shooting glasses he could get. He looked around at many options and landed on the Rudy Project Rydons. Here's why he chose Rudys over other brands.


Episode 161 – Prescription Glasses & Stage Design Reviews

Doug comes on camera and talks about shooting with prescription glasses. Rick continues to dive into more stage designs that were sent in by a viewer.


Episode 48 – Viewer Email

It's time again to sit down and answer some questions Rick, Steve and Caleb have been getting from some of our viewers.