PowerFactor Show

Episode 283 – Target Color

Have you wondered why clay targets are always orange? Did you know there were more colors than orange that you could shoot? Steve and Lin comes on the show this week to talk about the wide variety of clay target colors and how well they work.


Episode 184 – Break Point, Look Point and Hold Point

Steve continues on his shotgun tutorial series by talking about the three major ready positions. He talks about the break point, look point and hold points. He'll also touch on foot positions and demonstrates how it all comes together with live fire.


Episode 174 – Tips from the book “Break ’em All”

Steve is back and as promised, he's going to share some great tip for Shotgun shooting from the books he read while he was recovering from his back problems. This week, he talks about some of the core tips that is discussed in the book "Break 'em All" by McDaniel & Taylor.

You can find this book in Amazon here : http://www.amazon.com/Break-All-Complete-Shooting-Problems/dp/0967331412


Episode 64 : Shotgun Games

Steve, John and Jay are back to walk you through the different types of popular shotgun games. Covering games such as Trap and it's variants, Skeet, Five Stand and Sporting Clays.

Shownotes :