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Episode 173 – Larry’s USPSA Match Review

Larry's first match of the season after a long 3 month hiatus for the winter. As you'll see from the match video, his performance suffered from the lack of practice. Larry will also share some learnings from this match and offers some tips.


Episode 147 – Handgun lubing, Shotgun fitting & Dryfire targets.

We're experimenting with a new format for the show. Instead of having one big 30-40min episode, we decided to split it up into multiple shorter segments. Please give us feedback if you prefer this format or not.

This week, Rick talks about how to correctly lube a handgun and shows off some cool dryfire targets from ShotMaster. Steve & John discuss the finer aspects of fitting a shotgun.





Episode 70 – Speed vs Accuracy

Another hot topic that's been discussed forever is Speed vs Accuracy. Which do you focus on? Speed first or Accuracy? Steve and Rick discuss this in detail.Feel free to leave us a comment about your thoughts as well.

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Episode 13 – Dry Fire Practice

Dry fire is an essential practice technique that will enhance your shooting ability very quickly. It allows you to practice trigger control, sight alignment, transitions and movements without having to spend time on the range. It is also, a very cost effective way to get better at your shooting sport.

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