PowerFactor Show

Episode 285 – Walther CCP and PPS Review

Rick is an avid fan of 1911s, all steel American firearms. He is also a fan of German firearms especially those from Walther. When he was asked to review two new Walther pistols for practical pistol, he didn't hesitate. This episode, Rick reviews the Walther CCP and PPS pistols, give you his thoughts about concealability, shootability and reliability of these guns.


Episode 202 – Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Review – Larry’s Carry Gear

Larry has been a big fan of Glocks both for competition and for concealed carry. With the release of the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield without the manual safety, he's decided to get one and give it a try. Here's Larry's indepth review of the M&P Shield.


Episode 152 – Single stack 1911 mags, DC Holsters & Beretta A300 Outlander Review

In this week's episode, Rick talks about eight round, single stack 1911 magazines, Larry discuss the use of a tuckable concealed carry holster by DC Holsters, and Steve reviews the Beretta A300 Outlander semi-auto shotgun.




Episode 136 – Tour of K Rounds Custom Shop (Bonus New Unique Product)

Rick visits one of the newest custom holster makers here in the Northwest, K Rounds. They specialize in molding Kydex holsters for a huge variety of guns. Watch David Lathrop, Executive VP of Hard Goods talk about the teams dedication to producing the highest quality holsters for their customers.

David also gives us a sneak peak into a unique concealed carry holster that they're announcing this week. This product is definitely a first in the industry and one that got Rick all excited.


Episode 74 – Carry Guns in Competition

Steve, Rick and Caleb get together to discuss a very common question we get from new shooters. "Is it ok to shoot my carry gun in competition?". What do you think?