PowerFactor Show

Episode 276 – The Hand-Sized Handgun Global Championships & Trivia

It can be difficult to design a dozen five-round stages that don't all look alike, but Rick has some ideas that will give you both variety and challenging competition.


Episode 273 – Belt Systems & Shooting the Cammer Hammer

Rick received a question the other day over email about Belt systems for IDPA and USPSA so he decided to discuss that on camera. This week he also rounds up his review on the Cammer Hammer by shooting it on his 1911 in .22LR.


Episode 225 – ASI Matches & Compact Carry Pistol Division (CCP)

Rick introduces us to a new type of practical shooting match called ASI or Action Shooting International that is just starting up here in the Pacific Northwest. It's very similar to GSSF & IDPA and it's geared towards beginner shooters.

Rick also talks about the new IDPA Division called Compact Carry Pistol (CCP), the need for it and the types of equipment needed to shoot in this new division.


Episode 203 – Ted Blocker Holster Review & Little Voices In Your Head

Rick does a quick review of the Ted Blocker holster which he just picked up during a recent trip to Oregon. Steve dives deep into your mind and discusses the pros and cons of those little voices in your head.


Episode 193 – Goal Setting

Steve dives into the topic of Goal Setting. He discusses the four main categories, Practice Goals, Competition Goals, Short-term goals and Long-term goals.