PowerFactor Show

Episode 229 – Rick’s IDPA Compact Carry Pistol IDPA Gamer Gun

Shiny is the word I'd use to describe Rick's new gamer gun. When the new IDPA Compact Cary Pistol division rules finally got published, Rick started looking around for the gun that is best suited for this division. Looks like he found one that not only fits this division perfectly, it looks the part too.


Episode 225 – ASI Matches & Compact Carry Pistol Division (CCP)

Rick introduces us to a new type of practical shooting match called ASI or Action Shooting International that is just starting up here in the Pacific Northwest. It's very similar to GSSF & IDPA and it's geared towards beginner shooters.

Rick also talks about the new IDPA Division called Compact Carry Pistol (CCP), the need for it and the types of equipment needed to shoot in this new division.


Episode 219 – New IDPA Divisions & Box Dimensions

Rick goes solo and discusses the new IDPA Divisions, CCP and BUG. He also talks about the new IDPA box dimensions and shows off an innovative way of combining all the boxes into one.