PowerFactor Show

Episode 282 – How would you penalize the shooter for this IDPA stage?

Rick brought up an interesting conundrum in episode 276 as a Trivia question. In this episode he describes the situation and talks about the decision he made on how to properly penalize the shooter for making a procedural mistake. Do you agree with his interpretation of the rules?


Episode 281 – 2016 Washington State IDPA Championships Match Review

This was another fabulous year for IDPA in Washington State, with the leadership of Rick and the DownZero crew, they pulled off another state championships. Listen to Rick talk about the background, experiences and collaboration they went through to get this done. The match was held across two days and thirteen stages which Rick will walk you through.


Episode 280 – ASI Update and Speed Sights Review

Rick is a big fan of the beginner sport Action Shooting International (ASI). It's a very easy to get into shooting sport that combines the best of IDPA and USPSA. It is specifically catered towards beginners who wish to learn more about shooting. Larry recently installed some Speed Sights on his Glock and has some pretty interesting things to say about it. It's surprisingly easy to pickup and shoot.




Episode 279 – Larry’s 2nd GSSF Experience & Winning Another Glock

Larry went to another outdoor GSSF match recently and chronicled his experience as shooter and as a range officer as well. He came away with a division win and won another Glock.


Episode 278 – Troubleshooting Hi-Power Magazine Problems & Loading the 30 Luger

Rick takes the lead this week with two topics, one on troubleshooting the Browning Hi-Power magazines and loading the 30 Luger caliber.