PowerFactor Show

Episode 260 – Happy Five Years!

Wow it's incredible. We made it to five years. That's 260 weekly episodes since we started the PowerFactor Show. Rick, Steve and Larry celebrate five years on camera talking about our ups, our downs and what the future holds for the show. We can't thank our fans, viewers, supporters and sponsors enough for allowing us to do this.

Let us know what you'd like us to cover on the show and send us your match videos so we can critique them on camera.


Episode 208 – Celebrating Four Years & All About Cheating

Episode 208 marks our fourth year producing weekly episodes on the sport of competition shooting. We started out focusing on IDPA and USPSA disciplines but have now branched off to Clay sports, 3-gun/multigun and various product reviews. We never expected the show to last this long and we're happy that it did all thanks to our fans and viewers. We could not have done it without you.

In this episode, all five of the hosts meet for the first time in one location to drink, eat, chat and celebrate the holidays. They've also finally agreed to discuss the topic of cheating on camera and share some of their more memorable stories.


Episode 156 – Happy 3rd Anniversary

We made it. Three years of non-stop weekly episodes about competitive shooting. We wouldn't say it was all hunky dory but it has definitely been a fun experience. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all of you, our fans, viewers, supporters and sponsors. Without you, there would be no show and we wouldn't have built so many friendships.

Here's to another year of watching a bunch of guys talk about the sport that they love, and hope that you learn a thing or two along the way.





Episode 89 : Introducing a New Host – Larry

As we go about the show, it's always nice to be able to call upon new people to give us a different perspective about competition shooting. Larry is a rules guy, he's known in the local circuits as a "Rules Nazi". He's a Chief Range Officer and knows a ton about the sport of USPSA. Say Hi, be nice and we'll get to see more of Larry in the future!


Episode 52 – Happy Anniversary!

Episode 52 marks our one year anniversary publishing weekly videos and we hope all of our viewers have learned something from the show. Rick & Steve spend a few minutes talking about our journey so far and discuss what's in store for the future. We also included a bunch of bloopers we've collected through the year. Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday!