PowerFactor Show

Episode 252 – Sporting Trap Machine Delay Box

Steve, Dave and Lin round out our three part series by talking about a custom made delay box that they designed and assembled for use at their local club in Granite Falls, WA. If you're interested in the delay box, send us an email at powerfactorshow@gmail.com.


Episode 251 – Various Sporting Trap Machines

Steve, Dave and Lin are back with a review of the various Sporting Trap or Automatic Trap machines that they have at the Granite Falls club. They give us a look at how these machines work and how you can set them up to throw birds in a wide variety of patterns.


Episode 249 – Outdoor GSSF Matches

Did you know Glock runs their own shooting matches? The Glock Sports Shooting Foundation (GSSF) runs these matches all over the country. Simple yet fun stages with a pretty attractive prize "table" make it very attractive to shooters both new and experienced. Larry talks about his experience shooting these matches recently and what you can expect from it.


Episode 244 – USPSA Carry Optics Division

Larry talked about the proposed new division for USPSA in a recent episode (235) which, at that time, was supposedly to be called Production Optics. We've now gotten word that USPSA has provisionally accepted a new division called Carry Optics for those who wish to run their guns with a red-dot on it. Larry walks us through the rules and what's new.


Episode 237 – Putting Your Gun On A Diet

Rick, on his quest to lighten his Detonics to make it legal for the new BUG division rules, discovered and learned many different ways you can try to lighten your gun. From guide rods, to mainspring housings and triggers, Rick shares his recent experience trying to get his Detonics to lose some weight.