PowerFactor Show

Episode 275 – Bullet Trajectory Around Barricades

This week's episode, Larry scratches his curiosity by taking a physics approach to answering a question that was sparked by a listener of the popular Triangle Tactical podcast. The question is, what would your bullet impact be when shooting around a barricade with your gun canted to the side, "homie" style. Let us know what you think.

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Episode 258 – Action Shooting International (New Beginner’s Shooting Sport)

Rick takes the opportunity to sit down with Robin Taylor and Sandy from Action Shooting International (ASI) to discuss what the sport is about and why it was created. ASI is a beginner's action shooting sport catered towards introducing new gun owners, concealed carry users or those interested in shooting to a more dynamic and fun activity. Find out more on their home on the web at : http://asi-usa.org


Episode 241 – Shooting Slumps

Steve is a veteran to the sport of shooting across multiple disciplines and makes the best candidate to talk about the topic of shooting slumps. There comes a time in a competitive shooters career (or experience) that they'll find their performance waning for a certain period of time OR when they lose interest in the sport. Steve talks about his experience and how you might overcome it.


Episode 205 – Barrel Awareness Deep Dive

Steve continues his Deep Dive series this time with a mind bending look at Barrel Awareness and how it can help or detract you from getting your hits.


Episode 203 – Ted Blocker Holster Review & Little Voices In Your Head

Rick does a quick review of the Ted Blocker holster which he just picked up during a recent trip to Oregon. Steve dives deep into your mind and discusses the pros and cons of those little voices in your head.