PowerFactor Show

Episode 275 – Bullet Trajectory Around Barricades

This week's episode, Larry scratches his curiosity by taking a physics approach to answering a question that was sparked by a listener of the popular Triangle Tactical podcast. The question is, what would your bullet impact be when shooting around a barricade with your gun canted to the side, "homie" style. Let us know what you think.

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Episode 267 – Shooting Chandelle Targets & Tweaking the SL900 Shot Bar

Steve is back with two awesome tips with regards to the shotgun sports. First he'll teach you how to shoot the deceivingly difficult "Chandelle" targets and then, demonstrate how to tweak your Dillon SL900 shot bar to reduce shot spillage.


Episode 265 – Range Etiquette & Cross Eye Dominance

Rick talks about the range etiquette and how one should be conducting yourselves at a competitive pistol match. Steve suggests ways to fix cross-eye dominance in both pistol and shotgun shooting.

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Episode 250 – Sporting Clays Target Setting

Steve has invited Dave and Lin to come on camera once again to focus on some interesting topics around the sport of Sporting Clays. We'll do a three part series discussing target setting, clay throwing machines and a new innovative timer box they built to enhance the game.


Episode 223 – New Checkmate 1911 Magazines & Shooting with Contact Lenses

Rick goes solo and announces a brand new Checkmate 1911 8 round magazine. To close out on the extensive shooting with corrective glasses series of episodes, Rick talks about his experience shooting with contact lenses and his quest to optimize it.