PowerFactor Show

Episode 223 – New Checkmate 1911 Magazines & Shooting with Contact Lenses

Rick goes solo and announces a brand new Checkmate 1911 8 round magazine. To close out on the extensive shooting with corrective glasses series of episodes, Rick talks about his experience shooting with contact lenses and his quest to optimize it.



Episode 210 – Springfield Range Officer 1911 Modifications & Gunsmithing

Rick gives us a look at the modifications he's done with his new Springfield Range Officer 1911 and talks about home gunsmithing, it's benefits and concerns.


Episode 186 – What’s New with Taylor Freelance

Robin stops by the shop to talk with Larry about the new products he's been busy building and shows us some of the early prototypes. Robin shows off his Glock "sight-tracker" like extensions, new base pads for the Caracal and magwell for H&K pistols.


Episode 161 – Prescription Glasses & Stage Design Reviews

Doug comes on camera and talks about shooting with prescription glasses. Rick continues to dive into more stage designs that were sent in by a viewer.


Episode 158 – Stage Design Review, Basepad Tips & Front Sight Width and Height

This week Rick reviews an IDPA Stage Design that a viewer sent in a while back. He also talks about the proper front sight to use for competition. Robin Taylor from Taylor Freelance shows us a quick tip on how to remove and reinstall one of his basepads.