PowerFactor Show

Episode 276 – The Hand-Sized Handgun Global Championships & Trivia

It can be difficult to design a dozen five-round stages that don't all look alike, but Rick has some ideas that will give you both variety and challenging competition.


Episode 256 – Larry’s Pet Peeve – USPSA Scoring & Overlays

Larry is starting a series of episodes to discuss his pet peeves with competition shooting. This week is about USPSA Scoring and how to use an overlay properly.


Episode 168 – New USPSA Rules for Equipment, Scoring and Penalties.

Larry takes on the new USPSA Rules this week talking about changes to the equipment, scoring and penalty rules.


Episode 132 – A Case for the Forty

Larry is a huge fan of the .40 S&W. That's the only caliber he reloads and shoots. He spends a half hour laying down the case for why the .40 S&W is the most versatile caliber for the sport (or game) of practical pistol shooting.


Episode 118 – IDPA Vickers Scoring

Rick and Steve are back to talk about the history behind the Vickers scoring method and discuss the options that one might think about when deciding how to shoot a stage. They illustrate the risk / reward factors by diving into the thinking process that goes through shooting an example stage.