PowerFactor Show

Episode 285 – Walther CCP and PPS Review

Rick is an avid fan of 1911s, all steel American firearms. He is also a fan of German firearms especially those from Walther. When he was asked to review two new Walther pistols for practical pistol, he didn't hesitate. This episode, Rick reviews the Walther CCP and PPS pistols, give you his thoughts about concealability, shootability and reliability of these guns.


Episode 280 – ASI Update and Speed Sights Review

Rick is a big fan of the beginner sport Action Shooting International (ASI). It's a very easy to get into shooting sport that combines the best of IDPA and USPSA. It is specifically catered towards beginners who wish to learn more about shooting. Larry recently installed some Speed Sights on his Glock and has some pretty interesting things to say about it. It's surprisingly easy to pickup and shoot.




Episode 279 – Larry’s 2nd GSSF Experience & Winning Another Glock

Larry went to another outdoor GSSF match recently and chronicled his experience as shooter and as a range officer as well. He came away with a division win and won another Glock.


Episode 266 – Becoming an IDPA Safety Officer & Disassembing a 1911 Without Tools

Rick talks about the process of becoming an IDPA Safety Officer from the administrative point of view and demonstrates how one can disassemble a 1911 without using any tools.


Episode 261 – Larry’s “Shorty Forty” USPSA Open Pistol

Everyone should know by now that Larry's favorite caliber is 40S&W. It's all he shoots in USPSA and other pistol sports. He's shot USPSA in Limited, Production, Carry Optics and now Open. Larry has always wanted to build an Open Pistol and based his new build on his Carry Optics gun that he made a while back. He calls this gun, the "Shorty Forty".