PowerFactor Show

Episode 280 – ASI Update and Speed Sights Review

Rick is a big fan of the beginner sport Action Shooting International (ASI). It's a very easy to get into shooting sport that combines the best of IDPA and USPSA. It is specifically catered towards beginners who wish to learn more about shooting. Larry recently installed some Speed Sights on his Glock and has some pretty interesting things to say about it. It's surprisingly easy to pickup and shoot.




Episode 277 – Atlas AT-300 Trap Review

After spending two months with the Atlas AT-300 Trap machine, Steve and Dave has great things to say about this little known trap machine.


Episode 273 – Belt Systems & Shooting the Cammer Hammer

Rick received a question the other day over email about Belt systems for IDPA and USPSA so he decided to discuss that on camera. This week he also rounds up his review on the Cammer Hammer by shooting it on his 1911 in .22LR.


Episode 266 – Becoming an IDPA Safety Officer & Disassembing a 1911 Without Tools

Rick talks about the process of becoming an IDPA Safety Officer from the administrative point of view and demonstrates how one can disassemble a 1911 without using any tools.


Episode 262 – MEC 300E Sporter Trap Machine Review

Steve and Dave are back with a review of the MEC 300E Sporter trap machine. Their club has never used a MEC machine and in a previous episode, they asked if MEC were to watch the episode, to give them an opportunity to review it. Lo-and-behold, someone from MEC did contact them and sent them a unit. Here's the review and a side by side comparison with a Promatic trap machine.