PowerFactor Show

Episode 264 – IDPA Target Scoring & 40S&W Open Load Testing

Rick is back with an episode to supplement Larry's USPSA scoring by discussing how IDPA Safety Officers score targets. It is similar in a lot of ways but differ very much in principle. Also, in this episode, Larry gives us an update on his 40S&W Open load development and demonstrates his compensator effectiveness test.


Episode 228 – .40S&W Open Ammo Chrono Procedure

In his quest to build his Open Division pistol, Larry is working up a .40S&W load using Rainier Ballistics 135gr bullet and Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder


Episode 227 – Loading to the MAX 10mm Norma & 45 Super

Rick finally makes it to the range to round out his Loading to the MAX series of episodes. This week, Rick shoots the Norma 10mm rounds through his Colt Delta Elite and tests his 45 Super loads. To his surprise, one of them did not function as he expected it to.


Episode 201 – Readers Write (Holster Position, Manual Safety, DQs & Pressure Signs)

Rick takes some time to answer some questions that we've received from our viewers and fans. Rick answers questions related to USPSA Holster position, Manual Safety use in IDPA, Disqualifications and Pressure Signs during handloading.


Episode 200 – Troubleshooting 1911 Magazines

Rick is back to talk about the challenges he had shooting the recent Washington State IDPA Championships, with regards to his malfunctions that were caused by the magazines.