PowerFactor Show

Episode 266 – Becoming an IDPA Safety Officer & Disassembing a 1911 Without Tools

Rick talks about the process of becoming an IDPA Safety Officer from the administrative point of view and demonstrates how one can disassemble a 1911 without using any tools.


Episode 254 – Prize Table Stuff

Most of us has experienced this, we've paid good money to go shoot a big match, be it IDPA or a USPSA Level 2+ match and although had lots of fun, didn't place well in the match. We look forward to the prize table. In IDPA, the prizes are given randomly whereas in USPSA, the prizes are given depending on your final placement. We've all gotten lots of stuff, from bags, to muzzle brakes to certificate for bullets. Rick got to walk the prize table at the recent Washington State IDPA Championships and got a few things he'd like to share with us. A BCM Gunfighter charging handle, UnderTech Undercover holster shirt and a Calbico Channel Cleaning tool.


Episode 242 – Safariland 014 Holster In-depth Review

Larry continues his series on moving to the Open Division in USPSA by enlightening us with an in-depth review of the Safariland 014 holster.


Episode 240 – Trijicon RMR Review for USPSA Open

Larry in his quest for his new .40 S&W Open gun has finally pulled the trigger on the Trijicon RMR as his sight. Here's his extensive review on how he decided on the Trijicon RMR and it's performance in the sunlight.


Episode 232 – Modifications to a 45 Super Pistol & Davis Leather Belt Review

Rick flies solo again this week to respond to a viewer question about the modifications that he's done to his 45 super pistol. Rick also shows off his new Davis Leather Belt that he recently acquired.