PowerFactor Show

Episode 236 – The Different Multigun Rules

Doug tackles a viewer question this week about the differences between the multigun/3gun disciplines. He talks about the similar considerations like safety and differences like scoring and equipment handling.




Episode 234 – 3-Gun Shotgun Chokes & Patterning

Doug is back to talk about shotgun chokes and how you can use it to you advantage in the sport of 3-Gun. He also talks about the importance of patterning your shot so you know how your shotgun performs during a stage.


Episode 204 – What’s in a 3-Gunner’s Bag?

Rick, Steve and Larry have all done this in previous episodes. Now it's time to take a look at Doug's range bag. What kind of implements, and gear would an avid 3-gunner carry?


Episode 196 – Oregon Tactical Rifle Match

Doug drove down to Oregon to stretch his long range precision rifle skills by participating in the Oregon Tactical Rifle Match. If you're into 3-gun, shooting in matches designed for one specific platform is always a good thing to enhance your overall 3-gun skills.


Episode 183 – Benelli Rockcastle Tactical Shotgun Match & Powder Burn Rates

Doug recently shot the shotgun only match sponsored by Benelli and shares some of the match video with us. Rick discusses what a Powder Burn Rate Chart is and how it can help when you need to look for an alternative powder for your ammunition.