About the Show

The PowerFactor Show is catered towards practical pistol shooters, both existing and future. Our hosts, Steve, Rick, John, Larry and Doug will cover rules, shooting techniques, equipment and everything you need to either get into the sport, or to improve the sport that you’re already in and love.

Steve Headshot
Steve started participating in the action shooting sports in 1993. Today, he primarily shoots in USPSA Limited Division using a custom STI Edge pistol in .40 S&W. He also shoots in USPSA Production division using his Glock 19 carry gun. Recently Steve has become active in the shotgun sport and likes to shoot sporting clays, skeet and 5-stand as well as trap. Steve holds the following rankings/classifications: USPSA Master, IDPA Expert, Firearms Academy of Seattle — Handgun Master, National Range Officer Institute (NROI) – Chief Range Officer

Rick Headshot
Rick is an Enthusiastic and very active member of the practical shooting community. With more than 15 years of experience in the sport, Rick is a USPSA “A” class shooter, and IDPA Expert. He is an IDPA Safety Officer Instructor, and has been Match Director for ten IDPA state championships. He is also a NROI Range Officer, and holds NRA Instructor certification in Basic Pistol, Personal Protection and Home Firearm Safety.

Larry Headshot
Larry was introduced to USPSA in 2002 starting in the Production Division with a Glock 19 and then a Beretta 92G-E2. He has years of experience shooting custom SV and STI Limited and Open guns, but primarily shoots the Glock 24 and Glock 35 in the Limited Division today. Larry also enjoys shooting local Steel Challenge matches with his USPSA Limited guns and Sig 522 in .22LR. As somewhat of a “stunt” for the PowerFactor Show, he decided to shoot one IDPA match with the Glock 19. Now he’s hooked, has just joined IDPA, and plans to shoot more local and state matches. Larry has been a USPSA life member since 2007, NROI Chief Range Officer since 2008, and achieved a ranking of A-Class in the Limited 10 division in 2012. He has served as Chief Range Officer at three Area 1 Championship matches and MD/RM at several local matches


Doug started competitive shooting in the 70’s while he was a police officer in NJ. He was out of competition for many years and started shooting Airgun Field target around 2003 and enjoyed the competition and friendship. He started shooting USPSA in 2005 and 3 gun in 2006. The USPSA Multi-gun Nationals in 2006 was his first big 3 gun match. He has worked or shot at every MG Nationals since 2006.  Here are some of the matches he’s shot at :

  • USPSA Multi-gun Nationals (5 times) (C Class winner 2 years and B Class winner 2 years)
  • Ironman (5 times)
  • Superstition Mystery Mountian 3 Gun (2 times)
  • Rocky Mountain 3 Gun (4 times) (above 75% in Open all 4 years)
  • FN Midwest Multigun (CMMG) (2 times)
  • Pan American International Shotgun Match (Top Senior in Open)
  • Blue Ridge 3 Gun Match – Park City, KY – (2 times)
  • Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Match (2 times) (1st in Open both times)
  • Northwest Multigun Challenge (6 times)
  • Ephrata 3 Gun Match (5 times) (1st in Open once, 2nd in Open once)
  • Area 1 3 Gun Match (3 times)
  • Inland Empire 3 Gun Championship (3 times) (1st in Open, 2nd in Open and 3rd in Tactical)
  • He is currently a USPSA CRO with Multi-Gun endorsement.