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Episode 283 – Target Color

Have you wondered why clay targets are always orange? Did you know there were more colors than orange that you could shoot? Steve and Lin comes on the show this week to talk about the wide variety of clay target colors and how well they work.

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  1. great episode Steve ive shot the blue targets at midvalley clays and shooting school in salem Dave Fiedler has been setting targets and fooling shooters with color for yrs.ive noticed that the blue targets work great until they hit the blue sky which they dont see much in salem ive even seen white rabbits though they dont show up too good with a snowy backround like we have now. your rite about the southwest i shot at the tuscon club last april and saw nothing but black targets

  2. Hi Eric, I believe it was either Jeff or Johnny or both who discovered the light blue targets down in Oregon. We tried replicating those but found the darker blue targets worked much better and were clearly more visible and poor light conditions in the woods.

    For last months NSCA registered shoot, we loaded one of the traps with white targets but elected to change to orange. It was a good thing we did because that night it snowed.

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