PowerFactor Show

Episode 159 – Start Positions On Table Start & Powder Charge Weight

Larry continues with his series on Start Positions with a discussion on Table Starts. Rick discusses the powder charge options a handloader would need to think about when handloading custom ammunition. Oh and we have another Trivia question for all of you.



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  1. aloha Larry,

    looking for a chart with bullet weight (grains) and velocity (fps) to make Minor and

    velocity (fps) to make Major.

    helping at the chrono at Hawaii State Match Feb 28/ Mar 01, previously used a chart for ref; of the minimum velocities needed for Minor and Major. I haven’t shoot much lately as I have problem with my leg, hopefully fixed this year.


    • Ed – I’m not aware of such a chart, but it would certainly be easy enough to make one. Especially if you are going with “declared bullet weight”, rather than actual bullet weight, you’d have to keep track of only a dozen or so different bullet weights. If you are weighing bullets, your chart would have to have weights to the tenth of a grain, and that would be a pretty extensive chart; easier to keep a calculator at chrono, or use a chrono program that automatically calculates power factor based on the bullet weight and velocity figures.