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Episode 135 – Reloading on the Dillon SL900 – An Update

Steve is back with an update. His first experience with the Dillon SL900 was disappointing because of unreliability issues. After working with the Dillon folk and implementing some modifications on his own, Steve finally manages to get his SL900 to operate perfectly.

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  1. When you did the first video of the SL900 i thought, well i know more then him, but now you got me! good video, one thing a saw that you did not mention was attaching the powder and shot actuating rod springs to the little white cups so that the spring does not go SNAP on each up stroke, (this was MY IDEA) where you looking through my basement window? I have one other simple mod that ive done that i would like to share with you, maybe you could use it and put it in your next video?

  2. SURE! Don’t know if we’ll be doing another episode on the SL900 but I’m more than interested in learning a “new trick”.

  3. Steve
    I have already asked John on where he finds his loads. Do you use the same thing or a brand different from Northwest Magnum?

    • Hi Bill. I’ve been getting my shot from Connie’s Components (you can find them on the web). I don’t know if they’d ship but they do attend many of the popular shoots in WA/OR and bring shot with them if you contact them in advance.

      • Thank you for the information, unfortunately I live in Illinois. So far everything I have seen online was $50 or more for a 25lbs bag. I guess I will try and look where you suggested, who knows I might get lucky. LOL I will let you know my results.

        Take it easy on John LOL

        Happy Shooting

        • Why start now? 🙂

          Bill, I would recommend talking to as many people as you can at your local club who reload and find out where they get their shot. That’s how I found out about Connie’s. Often clubs (or groups of individuals) will put together a group buy and that would an excellent way to get the cost down.

  4. Steve Great information on all your videos. More Shotgun Stuff please !  I was looking to start reloading and watched your two videos on the Dillon SL900. I looked at all the progressive reloaders. After watching your last video I opted for RCBS “The Grand”. I understand that no progressive press is perfect but your followup was interesting when you said I made some design changes to the press. Even after sending it back you still had primer system issues thats a big deal for me. plus you had to modify the shot bar so you had no spillage. Thankfully your an engineer maybe Dillon should hire you for the new design you sure know the SL900 now.  The thing I like about the grand is if you have no hull in place no powder or shot will fall. plus you have a control pin on the primers so you can just drop one for testing.

  5. Great video really nice to see. I use Dillon 650xl progressive press. Can you please tell me where to find Dillon SL900? is it available in amazon?

  6. Thanks for sharing the very nice and informative video.This video is clearly understanding me Dillon SL900 is the Best Progressive Reloading Press .

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