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Episode 128 – IDPA Reloads

Rick and Larry discuss the different types of IDPA Reloads that you'll encounter when playing the game, the Emergency Reload (slide-lock), Reload with Retention and Tactical Reloads. Some of the demos include the reloads with a semi-auto pistol and a revolver. They also touch upon the draft IDPA reloading rules.


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  1. Are times you mention for reload times actually shot to shot or are they total stage time?

    • Mark – The nature of the comments received have convinced me that I should have laid-out the parameters a little more clearly. The “reload” times discussed in the show are string times that include the draw. I decided that there are enough variables that it would be hard to stage any sort of large test that was confined to just pure reloading times.
      So, when I said the average slidelock reload time for the “top ten” was four-point something seconds, that was an average of react to timer, draw, fire one shot, perform reload, fire one shot.
      As others have pointed out, it was not just the time to reload, and starting from a ready position would have been more useful in determining “reload times”, as it would remove a large part of the string time that was not actually reloading. At the same time, the actual drill, with no cover, a wide-open seven-yard target, etc., means that each string time is probably a little bit faster than what you’d see in an actual IDPA engagement where the shooter is negotiating cover, the target is more distant, partially covered, etc. And, it’s likely that the shooters who had the best string times also had the quickest draws.
      I didn’t want to go down the road of trying to adjust the times, with one second removed from the top ten, to account for the draw, and two seconds removed from the middle scores to account for the draw time among less-skilled shooters, etc. That said, if you remove one second from the top ten average, and two seconds from the middle ten average, I think you would be close to “ideal” or “optimized” reload times. What is probably the most important part of the exercise, is illustrating the difference among the different reload times, rather than what those times are; the slidelock reload is about a second faster than the RWR, and the Tac Load is about another second slower still.
      Thanks for watching!


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