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Episode 124 – Chat with Lisa Munson

This week, Larry chats with his friend and 12 time USPSA National Ladies Champion, Lisa Munson. We hear how Lisa got started in the shooting sports and listen to her entertaining stories about her shooting career. She also talks about the project she's been working on for a few years now called Babes With Bullets (http://babeswithbullets.com/) which is a social training camp for providing firearms training to women.

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  1. Lisa was holding her production gun when talking about the DOH and how men can’t use the drop and be legal. This is false for production. (please post rule if I am wrong). I searched the rule book for references to female. The rule she describes is for SINGLE STACK only.

    •Must carry pistol so that the entire front
    strap (to the trigger guard) is at or above
    the top of the belt. Female shooters must
    carry the pistol no lower than the heel of
    the butt at the top of the belt.

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