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Episode 121 – Rick’s IDPA Gear for 2013

Rick takes a moment to talk about the IDPA gear he's put together for summer. He's going to focus exclusively on revolver in the ESR or Enhanced Service Revolver division.

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  1. Rick legal IDPA revolvers may have a barrel length of 4.2″ not 4″ as you suggest in your podcast. In addition ESR maybe shot using speedloaders using .357Mag Revolvers. I admit this isn’t the most popular method but it is legal. S&W makes a SSR revolver with a 4.2″ Barrel but has yet to produce the 625 revolver in that barrel length.

    Take Care

    Canada Bob

  2. Yes, there is a gun with a 4.2″ barrel, from Ruger, and the rules do allow its use, and you may use speedloaders in ESR, but I don’t know that it’s really important, in light of the overwhelming popularity of the clip-fed, 4″, S&W .45 revolvers in ESR. You certainly MAY use your 4.2″, speedloaded Ruger .357 in ESR, but I don’t know that anyone actually does, except in Canada, eh?

  3. I was under the impression that 3.8grs of Hodgdon Clays powder would be enough to make power factor from my 4″ revo with Rainier 230s, but even 3.9grs leaves me about 20fps short of minimum. With Bear Creek 230s, 3.9grs will do, as the slick black coating gives a velocity bump, but I don’t know if I can safely make 170pf with Rainiers and Hodgdon’s recommended max load of Clays?

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