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Episode 112 – Being a Lefty

Rick is a lefty as most of you would have known already. That together with decades of competition shooting experience, gives him a unique perspective to discuss the considerations and limitations of being a left-handed individual in a sport that's primarily dominated by right-handedness.

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  1. I agree with Rick 100%. I’m a left handed, gen X-er who got into shooting in my late 20’s. Initially I obsessed on finding the best “lefty” pistol. Now the only thing I worry about I must have is an ambi-thumb safety where applicable. If a gun comes with an extended mag release (left side) I will swap in the standard mag release (ex. Glock 34). It’s too easy to “death grip” the gun causing premature mag-ejectulation when the timer goes off and when adrenaline is flowing.

  2. Rick, AWESOME show content !! I am a fellow left-handed shooter, soldier, and law enforcement rookie. Over the years and throughout many training sessions I have had to learn and re-learn most of this shows content. I have often considered making a few altered accommodations for MY left handedness but like you mentioned, I can’t always assume I will only be using MY weapons. In the military there is the concept of “battlefield pickup” as well as law enforcement also.

    Anyways, I found your shows on iTunes and have loved watching them for the past 3 months.

    Thank you again!!

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