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Episode 111 – Gun Control and Competition Shooting

There's a lot of craziness these days that's happening in the United States politics pertaining to gun control. Rick and Larry spends some time to talk about the impact it could have on the competition shooting and what it would mean to your beloved sport if the anti-gun advocates get their way.

Notes :
Take Action Now! - http://www.ruger.com/micros/advocacy/takeAction.html

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  1. http://www.firearmspolicy.org/take-action/
    another site like the Ruger one where you can contact your reps easily.
    Stay on your Congresscritters!

    You Washington types have been lucky not have to deal with all the crap laws we have here in CA. Registration is a complete failure — check out this article from the LA Times:

    The ban is DOA — don’t worry about that. Magazine capacity limits are on life support. Universal background checks / registration are still alive and kicking, and are the big risk, so stay on your reps!

  2. Hey Guys; I am on Episode 32; started a week ago – I will find the Donate Button; promise. Incredible show.

  3. Guess I should read the intro text, I though I was going to get some good info on Gun Control. You know, sight picture, trigger control LOL!!

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