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Episode 108 – Dillon SL900 Shotshell Reloading

Steve just picked up a brand new Dillon SL900 shotshell reloader and went to work churning out custom loads using it. He spends almost an hour walking us through the process, his thoughts, some tips and demonstrates how shotshells are reloaded.

Claybuster : http://claybusterwads.com/
Hodgdon : http://www.hodgdon.com
Dillon Precision : http://www.dillonprecision.com
Reloading Bench Design : http://www.shotgunsportsmagazine.com/downloads/bench_plans.pdf

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  1. Update: during the show we mentioned something about a custom setup of the SL900 from Dillon per the customers specifications. I heard back from Dillon and they do not offer that options…there are just too many variables with shotshell reloading to offer that option economically.

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