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Episode 102 – Match DQs (Part Two)

The boys are back together for a two part episode on Match Disqualifications. The shooting sport is divided into two groups, those that have been DQed and those that will be. It is something that happens very rarely but when it does, can cause a person so much grief. Hear all the horror stories Rick, Larry, Caleb and Steve have to share about match DQs, both from their perspective and from having doled out the penalty.

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  1. Trivia Question:
    Yes it would be legal although perhaps not advisable. The glossary defines “examples” of places that can be used (“include” is the key word here )which I take to not be an exhaustive list. It explicitly excludes “specially designed…” which I don’t think I holster would fall under. So as it is not specifcally excluded and there is not an explicit include list, you would have to allow it.

  2. The answer to your question is no. You can stow a magazine or moonclip in an ammo carrier or a pocket but not a holster. Your holster must remain empty so at the end of a stage you can unload and show clear, then you must holster your weapon and fiddling around for ammo in it would not be considered safe at a match I’m sure. I don’t know the rule number or page in the book but it’s just common sense. DID I WIN??? DID I WIN??? Peace guys, Gunnr IDPA 54700

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