PowerFactor Show

Episode 98 – Tracking Match Performance

Are you learning from watching yourself shoot? Do you keep tabs on how you're doing when you compete? Rick and Larry have been shooting for more than a decade and they discuss how they keep track of their individual performances in competition.

You can download the excel spreadsheets that Larry spoke of here : http://www.powerfactorshow.com/files/larryperftemplates.zip

If you don't have EXCEL or prefer to use this on Google Docs, you can get to the spreadsheet here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Am4pDqLltXKfdGgybTRFQ0lpZEFZd19oeEo1b2wtZHc

(Thanks to JohnM for converting it to Google Docs)


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  1. For the question…

    1/ You get a 3s procedural for not following the stage description (grey area if the last target is a disappearing, but Rick said on idpaforum.com he is not going to do that in CoF any more )

    2/ Assuming you are confident that it was deliberate and not because of a malf or something like that then its an FTDR for circumventing the spirit of the rules.

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