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Episode 88 : 2012 Washington State IDPA Championship Review, Part Two

The 2012 Washington State IDPA Championships were held at the Paul Bunyan range in Puyallup, WA just recently and since Rick was part of the organizing committee, he walks us through the 10 stages that were setup for the championship match.

This is Part Two.


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  1. How often when shooters are prone do you see increased malfs? I once had a beretta PX4 spent shell pop up into the air, and then right back down into the chamber!
    Just curious of the ejection path on certain pistols cause more issues when in prone positions in your experience at matches?

  2. I have not had malfunctions induced by resting the gun on the mag while prone, or with issues of cases bouncing back into the port. I have had problems with not completely seating a mag when doing a prone reload, so try to avoid the latter whenever possible.

  3. I’m surprised at the “cover as a physical location” ruling for Stage 5. I’ll have to take a look at that cover discussion on Enos’s forum. I thought it was fairly well established that cover extends as far back as you want to be. If I’m properly using cover it doesn’t matter whether I’m at arms length or ten yards back, I’m still behind cover. That’s what I was taught in SO certification and what I’ve experienced at every sanctioned match. I *have* run into situations where inexperienced RO’s have called cover PEs in that situation, but they’ve been overruled by the MD for not knowing the “extended line of cover” rule.

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