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Episode 86 : Bomar-style Rear Sight Installation

John the master gunsmith of jplprecision.com takes the camera solo again while the usual hosts take a break. This time, he guides us through the intricate process of measuring, cutting and fitting a Bomar-style Dawson Adjustable rear sight on a Kimber 1911 Custom TLE/RL II. As you will see from the video, it is not as simple as taking a file to the slide and sight.

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  1. “There are so many levers” in Series 80? Two, rather than the one in the Kimber?

  2. I was surprised that he didn’t show the drilling and tapping of the hole for the adjustment screw in the center. The LPA style uses two set screws instead of the centered threaded screw the Bomar uses. Which was he installing?

    • It wasn’t an LPA so didn’t have the 2 set screws, which are set screws to lock the sight in place. And it’s not a true Bo-Mar copy so didn’t require drilling and tapping the slide for the elevation screw.

      The Kimber design has the firing pin block and spring located where a true Bo-Mar elevation screw would be, so a Bo-Mar wouldn’t work. Their design has the elevation screw go into the dovetail of the sight, so no need to drill and tap the slide for it.

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