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Episode 85 – Progressive Shotshell Reloading

John takes over the helm this week to demonstrate how he uses his Hornady 366 Automatic Progressive Reloader to reload Skeet loads. This is a comparison video to Steve's Single Stage Shotshell Reloader using his MEC Sizemaster. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94Chaz6n8Z0)

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  1. Nice job, John — you did a great job delineating our beloved 366 in all its glory.

    Just one question — will you be releasing an outtake or “deleted scenes” video of the shot and powder flying all over the table at 12:44? That was a pretty smooth edit but I have my suspicions about why it was needed…. 🙂

    • Thanks John.

      No, I didn’t spill anything. I understand Steve did during his episode, though!
      I don’t remember why that break is there. I may have sneezed and then blown my nose. Pollen and allergies. The only stupid thing I did was fill the primer tube and then do just one shell! “And there’s another primer!!”

      • Darn, I was almost sure there was a story behind the scenes! 🙂 At least it’s good to know I’m not the only one who’s done that maneuver.

      • It wasn’t my fault….really! 🙂 Loke had me sitting at an angle to my press to get a better angle of what was happening. As I was moving from the pre-crimp to final crimp station, I hit the edge of the guide and you know the rest.

        I’m thinking around the end of December will be 366 time!

  2. There IS a hull that is worse than a Rem black hull, it’s the Winchester AA-HS hull. It’s nearly impossible to get a good final crimp on those unless you really crank down the pre crimp.

  3. John I have been looking for the Northwest Magnum shots and I’m having grave difficulty trying to find them. Do you have any Websites where I can possibly locate them?

    • I have bought all of my Northwest shot through Connie’s Components, here in Washington. I have seen it in gunshops around the area as well as some local out door stores. Where are you located? Connie’s has shipped shot in the past. You could check with them or contact Northwest Shot. They are in Oregon.

      Hope that helps and thanks for watching.

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